Sly Fox
Theatre: Ethel Barrymore
Status: Closed
(March 13, 2004 - August 29, 2004 )
  • Preview: March 13, 2004
  • Open: April 1, 2004
  • Close: August 29, 2004
Play - Revival
Running Time: 2hrs 15mins

Foxwell J. Sly is a scheming, rapacious miser bent on extracting fortunes from a trio of rich, greedy opportunists. Sly, pretending to be on his death bed, says he will name each of the three as his sole heir. The extent that the trio will go to acquire Sly's fortune knows no bounds. One goes so far as to disinherit his only son; another offers up his wife to the lecherous Sly, who is aided and abetted by his conniving servant in grabbing the other men's gold.

For The Record:

“Sly Fox” originally opened on Dec 14, 1976 at the Broadhurst under the auspices of Sir Lew Grade, Martin Starger & The Shubert Organization.  Arthur Penn directed and George C Scott, Hector Elizondo, Jack Gilford, Bob Dishy, Gretchen Wyler & Trish Van Devere had featured roles.

Total Gross: $8,121,077
Average Weekly Gross: $324,843
Total Attendance: 141,591
Average Weekly Attendance: 69%

Staff & Creative Team

Associate Producer:

Andrew Braunsberg

General Manager:

Peter Bogyo

Company Manager:

Chris Morey

Casting Director:

Stuart Howard Associates

Advertising Representative:

Serino Coyne

Press Agent:

The Publicity Office

Production Stage Manager:

Marybeth Abel


Foxwell J Sly  08/17/2004 - 08/29/2004
Simon Able  08/17/2004 - 08/29/2004
Abner Truckle 03/13/2004 - 08/29/2004
Jethro Crouch  08/17/2004 - 08/29/2004
Lawyer Craven 03/13/2004 - 08/15/2004
Miss Fancy  08/17/2004 - 08/29/2004
Mrs Truckle  08/17/2004 - 08/29/2004
Court Clerk 03/13/2004 - 08/29/2004
Captain Crouch 03/13/2004 - 08/29/2004
Chief of Police  08/03/2004 - 08/29/2004