Theatre: Nederlander
Status: Currently On
(March 08, 2023 - )
  • Rehearsal: January 30, 2023
  • Preview: March 8, 2023
  • Open: April 4, 2023
Musical - New York Premiere
Running Time: 2hrs
Performances: Tues (7pm), Wed (2&7:30), Thurs (7pm), Fri (8pm), Sat (2&8pm), Sun (3pm)

For over a hundred years, the good people of Corn Cob County have lived in relative obscurity, separated from the outside world by rows and rows of corn and bound together by their love of the land, each other, and good corn whisky. But when their tightly knit community is threatened with extinction, someone has to step up and step out to save their way of life.

For The Record:

Previous versions of this show were titled "Moonshine - That Hee-Haw Musical" and "Moonshine." This version is having its World Premiere at the Pioneer Theatre Company in Salt Lake City, UT.

Last Week's Gross: $658,330
Last Week's Capacity: 77%
Total Gross to Date: $20,107,554


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