Colin Quinn Red State Blue State

Theatre: Minetta Lane
Status: Currently On
(January 05, 2019 - March 16, 2019 )
  • Rehearsal: December 10, 2018
  • Preview: January 5, 2019
  • Open: January 22, 2019
  • Close: March 16, 2019
Play - World Premiere
Running Time: 1hr 15mins

Colin Quinn is back and not a moment too soon. The satirical sage from Brooklyn returns with "Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State," where he lays bare the absurdities, hypocrisies and calamities on both sides of the political divide. This is no witch hunt: Colin is here to own the libs, the conservs and all of you in between.

Staff & Creative Team


01/05/2019 - 03/16/2019