Theatre: Chelsea Music Hall
Status: Currently On
(October 23, 2018 - )
  • Rehearsal: September 24, 2018
  • Preview: October 23, 2018
  • Open: November 7, 2018
Musical - World Premiere

Power. Seduction. Ruin. The legendary Queen of the Nile is throwing one of her famously lavish parties to celebrate the Empire’s latest triumphs over Rome, and you are invited to attend. Inside the palace, drinks flow, and music seduces as guests are met with every indulgence. But outside the city walls, the alluring Marc Antony beckons, the nefarious Octavian lurks, and Cleopatra’s enemies plot a violent end to her prosperous reign. The Queen better watch her back.

Staff & Creative Team


Nathaniel Hill

General Manager:

KGM Theatrical

Casting Director:

Kate Lumpkin Casting

Press Agent:

RRR Creative

Production Stage Manager:

Aaron Watson

Music & Lyrics:

Jeff Daye


Laura Kleinbaum

Director & Choreographer:

JT Hortenstein


Joe Cantalupo


Drew Levy


10/23/2018 -
10/23/2018 -
10/23/2018 -