Anna in the Tropics

Anna in the Tropics
Theatre: Royale
Status: Closed
(November 04, 2003 - February 22, 2004 )
  • Preview: November 4, 2003
  • Open: November 16, 2003
  • Close: February 22, 2004
Play - Broadway Premiere
Running Time: 2hrs 15mins

“Anna...” takes place in 1929 in a Cuban-American cigar factory where cigars are still rolled by hand and “lectors” are employed to educate and entertain the workers. The arrival of a new lector is cause for celebration, but when he begins to read aloud from “Anna Karenina,” he unwittingly becomes a catalyst in the lives of his avid listeners, for whom Tolstoy, the tropics and the American dream prove a volatile combination.

For The Record:

"Anna.." had its World Premiere at the New Theatre in Coral Gables, FL on October 2nd, 2002 under the auspices of The McCarter Theatre.

Staff & Creative Team

General Manager:

101 Productions

Company Manager:

Elie Landau at 101 Productions

Casting Director:

The Telsey Office

Advertising Representative:



HHC Marketing

Production Stage Manager:

Cheryl Mintz


Nilo Cruz


Emily Mann


Robert Brill


Anita Yavich


Juan Julian 11/04/2003 - 02/22/2004
Conchita 11/04/2003 - 02/22/2004
Ofelia 11/04/2003 - 02/22/2004
Santiago 11/04/2003 - 02/22/2004
Marela 11/04/2003 - 02/22/2004
Palomo/Eliades 11/04/2003 - 02/22/2004
Cheche 11/04/2003 - 02/22/2004